2018: Overflowing

“…a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing will be poured into your lap…” -Luke 6:38

Such a plethora packed into 11 months. That’s how I feel about this year…it’s been packed full. But full of goodness.

Got engaged, planned a wedding, met my first nephew when my brother became a daddy, got married to the love of my life, the coach, took a honeymoon, moved, got to be maid of honor in my dear friend’s wedding, the hubs and I started coaching, got kicked out of our rental, moved again, bought land, and now we’re planning the house we’re going to build. And those are just the big things. It’s an incredible adventure, this life I’ve been blessed with. This year feels so full that I have to remind myself to rest, to breathe, to pray, to use my camera, to write, to be. 

There’s been hard things, too. My sweet Lady Lou passed away, a faithful furry friend for more than half my life. My grandma went to heaven also, and I’m reminded again that those who mourn, who feel the loss, who let themselves grieve the pain, are indeed comforted.

With all the happenings this year, it’s been rare that I’ve pulled out my camera and embraced my creative capturing capability. But here’s a few from my files that I wanted to share….



  1. I love the way you caught the light this year! Through Lady’s mane, looking over the bench with the sun’s rays, that picture of Jase in the late afternoon, over the ocean – there are some GORGEOUS pictures of light in here this year!! 💖


  2. Thank you dear, friend! I didn’t realize they had a theme. But it reminded me how “photography” literally means “drawing with light.” 🙂


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