On the Stack #4

October 2020 in the heart of the Colorado Rockies

We are in our new home! It is wonderful to be able to live inside this major project we dedicated two years of our lives to. Between the stresses of inspections, moving, cleaning and organizing, I remembered the reasons I love reading. Books truly transport you into someone else’s world. It’s like taking a free trip inside a new friend’s life adventure. And you get to choose your free trip! Sometimes I like the fiction escape from real life for awhile. Other times I just want to relax my physical body, but challenge my mind. I also love continually learning new things. Oh, the joys of reading!

Here’s the recommendations on my stack lately…

When Less Becomes More by Emily Ley
This book is a needed treasure. Emily gives practical tips on how to simplify our hectic 2020 lives. I relaxed into her writing, feeling both grace and motivation.
Beneath a Prairie Moon by Kim Vogel Sawyer
This was my first read by this particular fiction author, and I admire her word usage in storytelling. Several times I was in awe of her character's quotes, and I had to stop and pause to reflect over the truth of the words in my own life. The narrative was a tad slow in the beginning, but when I thought about it, this is a true reflection of life in an old west town. I was so glad I stuck with the story through the end, especially because the end was highly climatic, even thrilling! 
Everybody Always by Bob Goff
I'm currently in a women's book club with this one, and it initiates some fun discussions for the group. Bob's humorous true stories take readers along on his attempts to love "Everybody, Always." You can't help but chuckle out loud multiple times each chapter. 
The Wellness Revelation by Alisa Keeton
I feel so grateful to have discovered this one! It's much more than a book. Alisa and her team have created a Christian workout program that focuses on physical and spiritual health combined. Workouts + devotionals. It's pure awesome. I recently signed up for their 21-Day Core Focus challenge, and I'm excited to try it out! It's practical steps to becoming whole and holy.
True Comfort: More than 100 Cozy Recipes Free of Gluten and Refined Sugar by Krisin Cavallari
Gluten free comfort food? Yes please! I love seeing all the new cookbooks that come in at the library where I work. If you've never thought of checking out a cookbook from your library, give it a try! Go to your library website and search the catalog for your specific food preferences. Soup of the day, fall favorites, pumpkin everything... There's something for everyone! 
Do It Afraid by Joyce Meyer
Ok so this is on the stack, but I haven't started it quite yet. I love Joyce and her voice, both in speaking and writing. You cannot help but feel encouraged and empowered! I struggle with fear in certain situations, mostly big unknowns. My husband encourages me to do things outside my comfort zone, and it's so good for me! After reading other books by Joyce, I am really looking forward to diving into this one.
At Love's Command by Karen Witemeyer
So when you have lots of library books checked out (like the majority of library staff do), you have to prioritize your reading based on order of checkout and due dates. It has been SO hard to not move this one directly to the top of the stack! I am anticipating reading this new release as my next fiction book. Old west Christian romance, a woman striving to thriving in a man's world, and a protagonist named Matt. Sign me up!
All the Feels by Elizabeth Laing Thompson
I am a big feeler, a sensitive soul. I recently learned about this book on a podcast where the author talked about practical ways to live as a big feeler. Suddenly I didn't feel alone in my emotions. I'm looking forward to exploring more of the strengths in how I'm created. 

Bonus! The new Little Women movie was exquisite. Extremely well done with a great story and authentic actors. Don’t forget you can borrow dvds from your local library. Our small town library has over 10,000 in our collection. If you live in a bigger city, just imagine!

Until next time….happy fall y’all!