Green Power Smoothie (that actually tastes good)

Spinach is a power food for all kinds of reasons, and I’ve recently discovered coconut oil/milk and flaxseed can do wonders as well! So, I figured I would try to combine them into a smoothie. The result turned out pretty sweet…

handful of frozen raspberries
handful of fresh spinach
3 spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt (my favorite is Greek gods)
1 Tbsp. ground flaxseed
coconut milk

1) put all ingredients in blender or smoothie maker (I love my Magic Bullet!)
2) the amount of coconut milk can vary depending on how thick or thin you like your smoothie…suggestion: fill it to cover half your other ingredients
3) blend to desired consistency & enjoy!

*You can get more info on the benefits of flaxseed as well as certain people who should avoid it, HERE.

*For more info on the benefits of coconut milk, go HERE. Note: buy coconut milk that is in a carton, such as the Silk brand, but avoid buying it in a can or plastic container.

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