Even Now

A few years back, a friend and I decided to drive to Denver for a concert. Little did we know, the opening guy who we had never heard of would turn out to be our favorite act of the night. Story telling combined with original song writing, and an incredible testimony like that of Moses, we became fans of Jason Gray that night.

The power of that evening continued when we both decided to sponsor children through a life-changing organization called World Vision.  My precious sponsor girl in Uganda will celebrate her birthday next month. My life would not be the same without her!

The song Jason debuted that night of the concert has stuck with me to this day: More Like Falling in Love. I grew up in the Catholic Church and slowly transitioned to an evangelical church over many years. I love things about both, and believe they are both part of the body of Christ. Just as each of us as individuals have different strengths and giftings, so go the churches of Christ. But I feel this song is part of me. I first experienced tradition, and then I feel in love with Jesus and chose to build a relationship with Him. Both are valuable to me.

So today, I rediscovered this singer/songwriter and his new album. Once again, his music breathes hope into my life. Even with health issues unknown. Even when my life feels helpless. Even with uncertainty of job and money. Even with not knowing where my life is headed. Even in the midst of my recurring sin when I feel like I fail again and again and again. I can begin again. Even now I choose to believe that God can make my circumstances beautiful. Even me. Today. Even you. Right now.

This past weekend I got to spend time with the same dear friend who joined me for that concert years back. She came for a visit, and we decided to take an art class. We took small squares of colored glass and broke them further into small pieces. Then we put them together into beautiful mosaics.

My Father, you are the perfect Artist. Would you take these broken pieces of me and form them into a beautiful work of lively grace colors? Thank you for what are you are creating. Thank you for being the Maker of Beauty. Amen.

Two new songs by Jason Gray:

“Give God the pieces of your broken heart…He makes all things beautiful in time.” 

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