Leaf Liberation

The forest is real messy. Living leaves let loose, then lying on the ground to die. Others still growing vibrant green. It’s a color-infused holy havoc.


I ponder if God smiles at this release, the mess of letting go. It’s so crucial. The trees must let go of summer leaves to be barren for a season.


What do I need to let go of in order to see growth next spring?

That’s the funny thing about new green growth…what we see shows up in the spring, but really it begins in winter.

Trees that experience an “eternal summer,” never being allowed dormancy, usually die. Trees that are allowed to rest, tend to live and thrive.

So I suppose the true question is,

What should be let loose in me now so that something new can begin in me while I’m barren?


Father, what do you want me to release?

“Liberate me, O God.” ~Psalm 54:1

Blow your breeze beneath my branches, that I might be unburdened.

Stretch out your spirit to soar and come close to cultivate again.

Flow free over me to flower and flourish.


But for now, autumn beckons beauty beneath the lifted light limbs.

The color collapsed will nourish the need of nutrients and mix with the moisture of winter water within.

Today, from lustrous loaded leaves, I am liberated.


“Sing, barren woman…
fill the air with song!”
~Isaiah 54:1

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