A young girl’s journey to Paris

This week I’m fortunate to be learning and putting into practice some of the many skills of an elementary school librarian. One of my favorite parts has been opening boxes of brand new books and getting to preview them!

This word wealth is from one I’m enjoying currently that I know the 3rd and 4th grade girls are going to love! And the middle school girls too, no doubt. It’s called “My Secret Guide to Paris” by Lisa Schroeder.

The author is very creative in writing a passionate yet light-hearted story about a 6th grade girl who learns all about Paris from her dearly loved Grandmother. She finally gets to travel to France, but not in the way she expects. Using striking similes and narrator dialogue entirely relatable to young girls, Schroeder weaves a terrific generational story that’s both educational and delightful. I highly recommend this novel for young girls and also the young girl inside you ladies!

Bon voyage!



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