Word Wealth: All Groan Up

I recently enjoyed this book by Paul Angone: All Groan UpThe title perfectly conveys his raw, sarcastic, realistic and in the end hopeful perspective on the life of a current 20-something. Us young adults who are just trying to find our place in life. So here’s a few excerpts of word wealth for you, no matter what your age…

word wealth.all groan up1

word wealth.all groan up

I love that. I know a lot of 20-somethings, and others outside the category, just a lot of people in my circles, who are wondering what’s next in life. What’s the purpose of this coming season? What if that feeling of being “unmade,” unsure, that path ahead of the unknown, what if it really just means we are made for more?

It can be so easy for me to get caught up in the complexity of the “future” and worry about every decision I make. Is this God’s will? What is his plan? But Paul talks about how maybe our lives are not a treasure hunt where we either find treasure or don’t, win or lose, and it’s anxiety-provoking trying to figure all that out.

2016 YES


Oh how my heart loves that! So comforting. I don’t have to fretfully search in exhaustion for God’s plans because He plants His dreams right into the soil of my heart. This is planting season! Winter, where He waters deeply with wet snow those seeds inside me.

Those little inclinations in my heart that whisper, I need to try this, I’m going to attempt to listen to them. And asking the Holy Spirit to guide me, keep walking. One. day. at. a. time.

Be still and know that He is God. ~Psalm 46:10


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