Humans of my Hometown

I’m primarily a nature photographer. My favorite photo subject tends to be the beauty that doesn’t move. But various opportunities throughout the past year have allowed me to capture some vibrant beauty in the lives of people here in my hometown in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. So I wanted to share some of it with all of you…

If you’d like to comment, I’d love to know which one is your favorite!

the bareback ridingDSC_0097DSC_0135DSC_0017DSC_0196DSC_0242DSC_0367DSC_0617DSC_0006DSC_0902DSC_1077DSC_0064DSC_0776DSC_0863DSC_1004DSC_0121DSC_0341DSC_0056DSC_0020DSC_0458DSC_0605DSC_0439DSCF1564DSC_0031DSC_0379DSCF2049DSC_00501 Nate CalderoneRTR3DSC_0104DSC_0157DSC_0173DSCF2028DSC_0019susans studioCarlNicholas WilsonDSC_0385racing barrels Analyse WattsDSC_1329DSC_0046DSC_0073DSC_0085DSC_0169DSCF2095DSC_0168

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