Sweet ’17

2017 was a sweet year for me. I was on the go a lot and didn’t pull out my camera as much, but instead opted for my phone more often than not. But between the busy, there were some sugar sweet moments where I found myself behind a bigger lens.

As I scrolled through my photos from this year, I realized these were some of the times I was the most still. My camera causes me to slow and steady, to sincerely see the scene before me. It gives me a bigger picture, that interchangeable lens, when I choose it.

So here’s some of the sweetness of ’17 for you, my friends. And here’s to one of my goals for 2018: slowing to see what’s in front of me.

snowy cabooseDSC_0151DSC_0161DSC_0172DSC_0182DSC_0058DSC_0075DSC_0117DSC_0078DSC_1443DSC_1466Mutton bustin #7Mutton bustin #10DSC_0046Don 1Don 3Don 5DSC_1018DSC_1021DSC_1022DSC_0839DSC_0857DSC_0876DSC_0878DSC_0929DSC_0938DSC_0943DSC_0944 - CopyDSC_0958 - CopyDSC_0963DSC_0984 - CopyLady

One comment

  1. I love your photography! Thank you for sharing it with people 🙂

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