Strangers to Friends

Do you like making new friends? Or does it make your palms sweaty? I LOVE it. I may fall on the introverted side according to Myers Briggs, but I define myself as a social introvert. The Strengths Finder told me I had the gift of Woo. I tend to view strangers as unmet friends.

So yup, this project definitely qualifies as beautiful. I bet it will make you smile. If you saw this on the street, what would you do? Keep walking? Jump in?


Ok, let’s be honest. I don’t talk to every stranger I meet. Sometimes I’m intimidated. But I have a friend who does. He can talk to anyone anytime anywhere. That’s not me. But when I take a chance to say hello (or even make a sarcastic comment about whatever situation we’re in), it makes the situation personable, enjoyable. So next time you’re in a waiting room, an elevator, a party, a church, or any potentially awkward setting, risk it! Put your phone in your pocket, and say something. Anything. Maybe you’ll make a new friend, too. For five minutes or for life. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. And you just might make someone else’s day more beautiful.

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