image Mining the Rockies

Some days I have to just stop walking, talking, or doing, because my eyes behold something worthy. These sights aren’t necessarily as large as a mountain, but they’re beautiful. Do you ever have a moment you say or think, “I wish I had a camera!” Or even if you do have one on hand, sometimes the photo just doesn’t do it justice, right? In these moments of my life, I started doing something a little strange awhile back…

I will look at whatever it is, glance back and forth, taking in as much as possible to my memory and setting up my mental photo shot, like I would do with a camera. Then I’ll simultaneously blink once and dip my head in a quick, slight motion, as if taking a photo. It reminds me of what Jeannie from the old tv show “I Dream of Jeannie” would do. After crossing her arms, she would dip her head and blink, and something instantly magic would happen. (And no, I don’t cross my arms like she did.) But after “taking” the photo, I’ll whisper a prayer, Thank you, Father. It’s beautiful. Add that to the photo album! I like to think when I’m in heaven one day I’ll be able to view all these scenes I’ve taken mental pictures of, most of which I’ve long forgotten by now. I can picture sitting on my Father’s lap, flipping through the pages, as He reminds me of all the great things He gave my eyes to see on this earth. I think I’ll call the album Beautiful Moments of My Life.

For now, here’s some shots I took on a crisp October day when I did have my camera in hand. An adventure near the historic mining town, St. Elmo…







A fuzzy look back in time to the boom days of the 1800’s…



And the best for last, my favorite shot…


These miners of the late 1800’s drew gold out of deep caves in the dirt-filled earth. Maybe your life feels filthy, but if you pause, look, and dig a little, I bet you’ll find some hidden treasure today. Whether in your home, at work, down the street, or on your own adventure, what’s the beauty your eyes can find and capture today? Mine it for all it’s worth! And maybe consider taking some mental pictures to create a heavenly photo album of your own.

 “The Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.” ~Psalm 118:23

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