Stars in the Dark: A Perspective Change.

Father of heaven and earth, 
lift up our chins
and open our eyes

to see the light of your stars
surrounded by dark.
Open our minds to see your glory
and the truth clearly
through the lies.
Open wide our hearts to receive
the love you poor out
like the sun rays in day.
But when night falls
in our lives
and the darkness goes deep
into the black earth beneath,
when we have nothing
to cry or ask or weep for,
may we seek upward
for the wordless exchange
that brightens our spirits
and lights up our days.
Holy One,
you are our light in the night
who makes stars shine
in galaxies sublime.
Draw us out into you
and your wild earth too,
that we may dance again
and sing before the King of kings
in fields of darkness
that break into dawn,
the light made new
with the morning dew.
In each of our days
and all of our ways
when darkness surrounds
and we hear not a sound
give us your sight
to see the dark skies
full of bright light.

Copyright Cassie Jo

In darkness, may we remember that there is always a star shining. And when you take a star and add a cross, it becomes…. star + t = Start.

All seeds must start in the dark. He has more for us.

 What if this dark wilderness is just this beginning? 

As Christmas approaches, I think of when the three wise men saw the star shining in the dark sky that night over 2,000 years ago. That was certainly a beginning, the life of the Savior of the world. When they saw the star, it says, “Their joy knew no bounds.” When we see the stars in the dark sky, may our joy know no bounds! Because we know Jesus is “the bright and morning star,” the only One who turns our darkness into light.

The wise men were led by a star in the sky to the Star in the stable. When we see the stars, may they lead us to the Star himself. Let’s believe in the Star and his cross, and see Him come with fresh star-t. 

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