Mercy Falling as Snow

It’s been dusty dry for weeks here now. Skin cracked, as the dirt beneath and the wind blowing something fierce across my visage, the face of the earth.  A fire broke out not far from here, the land roaring, crying out in pain. Ablaze in April, the strangest sight, landscape prayed with me for rain.

IMG_0397 Today is the day the Lord has made, He alone knows the moisture that comes to soak the ground from up to down. Holy Gardener with the perfect green thumb. Awoke early this morning to falling fresh flakes–millions scattered around on the ground. While I slept He sent out flurries to fly, the white pureness did truly astound.

DSCF1218Taught children today on criticism, how it needs to come kind and gentle. Not to harm with pounding to destroy, but instead to bring growth monumental. As we talked soft words to say to cultivate others’ hearts, the mercy kept dancing down from heaven to dirt and souls. God did water impart.

The beauty still falling as cotton tonight, flakes widening with the hours. Growth in ground and young minds around, yet patience before the flowers. Celebrate right here in this moment, gratitude voiced toward kingdom above. For today an answer came graceful–a cozy dumping of the King’s love.

DSCF1215So what if those things that feel heavy right now are actually going to nourish me? What if that weight I feel is the weight of coming glory? And what if God sends snow that we might grow? Bring on the falling mercy!

weight of gloryweight of glory revealedAnd this song from college nights at the Mill because it came to mind and it’s a great dance song! Happy mid week, friends. Flowers are coming!

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