Beauty on Fire

I’d never seen anything like it. This one had a beauty all its own. It was on fire with passion. And the blood red seeping up into its very core was unmistakable.

Yet there it was, growing right up strong and bold. I didn’t even plant it. I’ve seen others like it there in that place, in that muddy dirt ground. But none, none, like this belle.

I didn’t know before that something can actually burn and live. Fervor arising in spirit.


It’s rare. In nature, things either grow or burn. If they burn down by fire, they cease to grow. I see in this beauty, this one God grew up right here in my yard, how it is possible to be on fire for Jesus and burn for him, but grow, at the same time. Burn with beauty.

What if the things God burns away in my life actually cause beauty to grow forth? The blood red pain causing color of character to come alive. Without the red, lacking vibrancy. With His blood, I know I am fiery loved.


Growth. Fire. Passion. Burn. Blood. Water. Run. Deep. Into. Me.

Blood flows to life. To live is Christ.

Jesus, thank you for the beauty of the earth that’s bursting up in spring. Would you grow up blazing joy in me? I want my life to flame and flourish for you. I feel like I lack vibrancy lately, Lord. Would you ignite me again? I know that when I’m fired up is when I grow. Thank you that spring is an action verb, and so is your burning love for me. Amen. 

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